The World Is Full Of Crazy Money Making Ideas, Take A Look At These And Get Real

Here are some crazy money making ideas just for you.

I have a proposition for you. I have three magic beans for sale. Buy these beans, plant them in your garden and in two weeks time a cash tree will grow. You can pick from this tree any time you need money and it will never die. All I'm asking is £100 for all three beans and this offer will never be repeated, so buy now or miss out forever.

If you don't fancy the opportunity above, I have another great deal for all you entrepreneurs out there.

I have just finished an important business meeting with Buzz Lightyear and he has sold me the rights to all the oil on the moon. If you're quick, I'm prepared to cut you in for a small fee of £1000 for a 0.01% share of the action. Once all the shares have been sold, I will buy a space ship the size of one hundred oil tankers and transport the moon oil back to earth. Once back to earth I will sell it for a huge profit and we will all be instant millionaires. Hands up all those who would like to join me?

Please don't say yes to the above crazy money making ideas or there really is no hope for you.

I was watching a reality TV programme just the other day. The show consisted of video clips and commentary of foolish and plain stupid situations people find themselves in. One particular clip caught my eye. It told the story of a naked robber who walked into a bank and tried to steal money from the cashier. Needless to say, he was wrestled to the ground by security staff and arrested by police. He was totally amazed that he had been caught as he had just paid a wizard two hundred dollars to make him invisible. Yes you read that right – he paid a wizard two hundred dollars to make him invisible. Unbelievable, but true.

Here are a few more crazy money making ideas you could copy:

You have been working your job for a few years and receive your monthly pay the same day every month. You know if you continue to work for somebody else, you will never be your own person, reach your full potential or make the sums of money you desire. But you carry on doing this job year after life draining year and all because of fear of the unknown.

You have found a proven money making idea and you know you could make lots of cash with this fantastic, easy to implement plan. You have done your research and decided on an action plan. One problem, although you know you can make it work, you never quite find the time to get started. There is always something more important to do first like: watch TV, play a video game, check your emails, paint your nails, surf the net, take a look at ebay and five hundred other excuses.

You keep moaning that you have no money and it's not fair that your friends always seem to have more than you. You know what to do to make more cash, but you are just plain lazy and can't be bothered to get off your behind and change your situation.

Here are some not so crazy money making ideas you might consider trying.

The game is up for all those dreamers, would be entrepreneurs and procrastinators, it's time to make the change and get the life you want. Forget all those crazy money making ideas and make a real plan.

Now here is a real money making idea that you can copy, make all the money you want and change your life forever. Find a way to get just £10, that's all you need as investment cash to take the first step on the road to true financial freedom. Use this cash to buy something, anything that you could sell on for a profit. Re-invest the profits and buy more saleable items, keep repeating this over and over again. Before long you will build up quite a large sum of cash for very little work. It really is that simple and has been proven to work time and time again.

Take a look around your local area, there will be many successful businesses operating. Do you think the owners of these businesses all inherited the cash to start up? The vast majority would have had an idea, done their research, made a plan and worked hard to achieve their financial goals, they didn't rely on crazy money making ideas.

Make an escape plan today and make it your number one goal to achieve it.