Who Wants Genuine Work from Home jobs?

So you're looking for genuine work from home jobs?

Whatever your personal circumstances are, I know you could make more money and gain more freedom if you forget about working for somebody else and start thinking and working for yourself.

Let me give you five good reasons why you should never have a job:

1: You will never be wealthy or be paid your true worth while working for somebody else. Employers almost always pay employees as little as they can get away with for as much work as possible.

2: By working for yourself, you can build something that could be passed to future generations or sold for a substantial retirement fund.

3: Your life is in the hands of somebody else who only cares about how much profit you can make them. You might think your job is secure, but how do you know if and when you will lose your job? Be master of your own destiny and take control of your own money making strategies.

4: You give up your personal freedom as a human being to the person who pays your salary. You start and finish work when the boss says, you ask to go to the bathroom or take a break and you almost have to beg for a day off. Why would you become a slave to the boss man?

5: You only get paid for the hours you are actually working, stop working and the money stops. Work for yourself and you could set up multiple streams of income that make money long after you have stopped working.

I could give you another fifty reasons, but I hope I won't have to. There are so many ways to make money without a job, you really are wasting your precious life time working for an employer. I’m not suggesting that you quit your job today, but start to plan your escape route and if you are lucky enough not to have a job, don't get one.

Just in case you are still not convinced and you think you need to be an employee, here is one more reason why you should never have a job.

A job is the modern word for slavery. Have you noticed that the vast majority of employees always seem to have just enough money to survive and live a life of trying to scrape by from one month to the next. You are worth so much more than this and you know it, don't be fooled, take control and instead of genuine work from home jobs, find money making ideas that you can use.