Follow Me As I Show How To Make A Million Pounds Step By Step

Here I will show you how to make a million starting with no cash.

As I have said before, the most important step is the first step, so lets start the journey and GET STARTED!

Step 1: Make £100 starting from nothing.

Today's date: May 1st 2011

I have searched my house and asked friends for items that I could sell and make a profit. The items collected are: nine DVDs, car handbook, adult cycle, eleven books, two old maps, retro 70s alarm clock, silver victorian snuff box, 80s child board game and two pieces of old costume jewellery.

I intend to list these items for sale on Ebay and in my local area.

Today's date: May 8th 2011

Didn't quite make the £100, made £86 from the above items so nearly there. I have been given a few more items to sell as follows: 6 items of costume jewellery, fishing reel and an old badge.

I am still well within my time limit so I am very confident of success.

Today's date: May 15th 2011

Made the £100, actually made the total of £106.38 so very pleased and looking forward to the next step - turn £100 into £200. I will take some time and plan the next stage.

There's an old saying "money goes to money", well if that's true, I have £106.38 so I am on my way to one million.

Step 2: Turn £100 into £200

Today's date: May 28th 2011

Just invested £73.00 on a large collection of quality books from a local auction house. I have taken a bit of a chance with these as I have no idea if I can make a profit. I intend to list on Amazon and Ebay. I still have £33.38 left to invest, so I'm pretty confident I can reach my monthly target.

Today's date: June 13th 2011

Sold 29 books for a total of £114.00, some way to go to complete step 2, but on target to get there before the end of the month.

Today's date: June 30th 2011

Sold a few more books, total now stands at £172.60, so not reached this months target of £200 to complete step 2. I'm confident I will get there very soon and keep moving forward.

Today's date: November 21st 2011

Finally sold enough books to complete step 2. Total now stands at £211. I will now start to think of some ways to complete step 3. As I have proved, things don't always go to plan, but I'm still moving forward to the next stage of my journey to show you how to make a million.

As you can see, it has been some months since my last post.

I have been so busy with other business interests that I had to put this project on the back burner for a while. I'm now ready for my next step in the 'how to make a million' challenge and hope to make some cash. Watch this space!

Step 3: Turn £200 into £500. Today's date: August 15th 2012

Bought three TVs from my local auction house costing a total of £132. Have just listed all three online for £95 each, we shall see if they sell.

Todays date: August 22nd 2012

Sold two of the three TVs for £95 and £90, so that's £185. That brings the total to £253 with still one TV to sell. Moving slowly step-by-step towards a million.

Todays date: August 28th 2012

Sold the last TV for £85, that brings the total to £338. Still a little way to go to reach the £500, but not bad as I started from zero.

Todays date: September 5th 2012

Back to the auction again today. Bought four large boxes of 70s household items for £76, I'm sure I will see a nice profit from these.

Todays date: 18th September 2012

Sold! Listed as a job lot -open to offers, had seven offers and sold for £350. That brings my total to £688. I have now reached step 3 with cash to spare, so well on my way to turning £500 into £1000.

Now you can see how to make a million. I know it will take time, but anybody can do this.

Todays date: 5th October 2013

There are so many ways and ideas I could use for this experiment, but I'm trying to use ways anybody can copy. with this in mind, I have decided to buy a cheap car for step 3. I know very little about cars and even less about buying and selling them, but I'm going to give it a go.

I intend to buy a cheap car, give it a really good clean and sell it on for a profit. I have £688 to spend in total, so I'm ready to start looking.

Found a car today, 9th October 2012. Paid £480 for a nice little car so going to give it a clean, put it up for sale at £700 and see what happens.

Todays date: 17th October 2012

Sold the car for the full asking price. Thats a £220 profit and brings my running total to £908 from nothing in this how to make a million challenge.

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