I like your stratey! I totally agree working for someone else gets you nowhere!

by Claire Laxton
(Leicester, England)

Your strategy is great, I hope others follow your plan of action. I myself have slaved away for a employer for years and now find myself unemployed. Since becoming employed I have looked into so many different methods of making money from my own ideas and looking at others. I definitely think the first place to start is coming up with a domain name for your very own website. Though it needs to be unique, needs to be interesting, sort of needs to stand out from the crowd. I've just purchased 4 domain names which could lead me to my dream of making a million pounds. I'm still working on the websites. I've thought and used my own personal and working experiences, slowly putting them together with great thought and further research. I know my aim and know what I want to achieve from it, as I research I learn more and new doors open. The understanding of how the internet works is crucial if you're looking to make big money. Remember that anything in life which exists is created from a dream, it's up to you to push it and make it happen. I wish anyone with ambition and drive who want to make a million the greatest of success. Remember not to give up at the first few failures and also remember spur of the moment ideas can be the greatest success stories. Always carry a notepad around with you to jot your ideas because you never know when one might hit you because you're right, everyday life does absorb you and make you forget your dreams and that you are actually a great thinker who can become a success! Goodluck!

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