Here Are Some Proven Money Making Ideas That You Can Copy And Adapt To Finally Make Some Real Cash

If you base your search for cash on proven money making ideas, then all else being equal, you stand a better chance of having your own success.

Throughout this site I give examples of real people making real cash with good workable ideas. Here are a few more that you could copy and start your journey to the life you want:

I love youtube, there are so many money making opportunities on this site. One idea that some savvy people are using to make themselves a nice regular profit is short video making.

I don't know what your interests are, but you can make a funny/interesting short film that your friends, family and colleagues will enjoy. They will tell others and before long your short video could be seen by thousands. You could then add a link to a related affiliate product and bag yourself some nice commission cheques. In some cases you could team up with youtube and share in their ad revenues every time somebody clicks on an ad.

Short videos are so cheap and easy to make, you could have one online within a few hours. You really can do this, people are making money from this right now. You will never know unless you give it a go.

Don't fancy making a video, no problem.

Why not start sending a few friends/associates a weekly topical email. Whatever interests you and your friends, you could send them a weekly email on any subject and make some easy money.

Some examples are: jokes, sporting, health tips, gossip or anything else you think would be interesting. You can find all the material you need from the internet.

Once you start this, you will be amazed how quickly you build a list of regular readers, friends tell friends and the whole thing snowballs. You then add affiliate links to products you think your readers might be interested in and bag yourself some nice commissions.

This really does have the potential to build into something big for what amounts to a few hours work a week. People have become very wealthy doing this and you can too!

You really can do this and change your life for the better.

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