There Are So Many Profitable And Unusual Ways To Make money Waiting To Be Discovered

If you are searching for unusual ways to make money, then it won't be too long before you come across something that catches your eye. I'm constantly amazed at all the weird and wonderful ways people are finding to make that little bit of extra cash and in some cases life changing sums.

Here are a few of the unusual ways to make money I have found:

One person I discovered is breeding rats that he sells both privately and to reptile stores. He has quite a large customer base and sells more than five hundred rats per week and his business is growing. He is now expanding by moving into insect breeding also. Not the sort of business I would feel comfortable doing, but it makes a lot of money and is very scalable.

More and more people are making a regular part-time income by entering and winning competitions on and off line. Many of these competitions only require you to send your email address or answer a few simple questions. Sometimes there are more prizes on offer than there are entrants. The prizes range from small promotional items such as pens and keyrings, to luxury holidays, cars and expensive household items. Many people enter hundreds of competitions every month and find themselves winning thousands of £/$'s in prizes every month. These items are often then sold for a nice cash profit.

You can buy old books and magazines for pennies, cut them up and make a large profit – here's how: Take a look around flea markets, garage sales and auctions for old books that are slightly worn or tatty but that have good quality pictures. Carefully cut these out, mount them and then they can be resold at craft and collectors fairs, online or at exhibitions. Some popular pictures might include: people, maps, famous landmarks, transport, film and TV stars, medical diagrams, music and lyrics, poems, street scenes and daily life and many more subjects.

There is also a market for interesting magazine covers including: celebrity editions, major sporting events, special dates and designer ideas. If you can think of other ways to add value, this can greatly increase profits for a little extra work.

There are a growing number of people making regular profits metal detecting/treasure seeking. With large finds of gold coins regularly in the news, this pastime is becoming very popular with young and old alike. Although it will only be the lucky few who make the large life changing finds, many people make a nice second income by spending a few hours in the evenings and weekends with this unusual way of making money. Many finds are now sold on ebay and other similar sites, some people even set up their own website to sell their finds. This has the potential to make an easy regular income while having some fun and maybe one day, you will have a large find that could change your life.

While searching online, I found one person who makes money buying small items of secondhand furniture for just a few £'s, then adds value by painting/repairing and selling on for huge profits. Typically, the cost price would be around £5 and sell for £30 plus, sometimes much more. This person spends an average of two hours work per item and sells at markets and local sales. With a bit of planning and better quality items, I am sure this could turn into a highly profitable full-time income anybody could do.

One enterprising lady makes a very nice income selling postcards of famous landmarks and scenery. She photographs her subject, makes prints for postcards using high quality card and other materials. They are then beautifully mounted or put in a handmade box and sold as limited editions through local shops, online and at fairs. Demand regularly outsells supply and this makes a full-time income and has done for many years. This could easily be adapted to similar products.

More unusual ways to make money include: ideas to produce and sell various kits, such as: eco friendly first aid kits, electrical components for boating enthusiasts, sprouting seed kits, rock painting kits, eco friendly shoe polish kits and many more similar ideas.

By finding your own unusual ways to make money, you are sure to make regular profits. Maybe you could combine two or more ideas and make a full-time income that keeps growing. What could you do?

There are so many opportunities around, why not learn to develop your own unusual ways to make money and see where it takes you.