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Searching for a profitable web income business or money making idea is like the American gold rush of the 1800s. It seems that everybody's desperately heading to the internet in the hope of finding their fortune, but few will ever achieve this goal. Not because it's difficult or only available to a lucky few because it is not. The reason most people fail to make money on the internet is it takes a bit of time and effort that most people are not prepared to invest.

It's very easy to uncover tiny little nuggets of gold. Stick with it and those small gains soon add up to sizeable amounts.

A Tale Of Two Friends. These two friends (David and Chris), went to school together from a young age and became the best of friends. They lived on the same street and always looked out for each other.

After leaving school and wanting to work as soon as possible, they both started work in the packing department at the local factory.

After a few years David decided he wanted more cash than his job could give him and asked his friend what they could do to make some extra money. Chris, who liked the idea of some extra money, didn't want to waste any of his time to get it, but David was determined.

He decided to spend some of his free time delivering leaflets door-to-door for local businesses and started to make a little extra cash. At this time he invited Chris to join him in his new venture, but Chris said no and laughed at the thought of wasting his free time.

Over time the pair remained good friends and continued working at the factory together, but they started to drift apart as David spent more and more time making extra money. After a couple of years, David left the factory to concentrate full-time on other money making ideas he had found. Chris stayed at the factory and became a line supervisor.

Within four years of leaving the factory, David had a successful transport business employing six staff, he also had a fifty percent share of a small vehicle breakdown recovery service business. Chris continued working as a line supervisor, had a couple of pay rises and was reasonably happy.

One evening the pair met up for a drink at their local bar and while chatting, Chris mentioned that the management at his factory were looking for a new transport company to deliver their goods across the UK and beyond. Needless to say, David's company won the contract, expanded his fleet of vehicles and employed more staff to cope with the extra workload.

Twelve years on from that first part-time extra money maker, David was a millionaire with a successful (expanding) transport business, a partner in a breakdown service and had a property development company. Chris was still at the factory, working as a supervisor and was reasonably happy.

The friends met again for one of their occasional evenings out and Chris told David he was getting fed up with the grind of his job and wished he had taken David up on his offer all those years ago. They laughed and chatted more, had a few drinks and then went their separate ways.

That night David got thinking and decided to offer his friend a job in his transport company. He also made a decision to give his good friend Chris a fifty percent share of this thriving business. Chris accepted the offer, left his job at the factory and went to work with David.

A few years on, David has made more money and Chris is well on the way to becoming a millionaire. They are still the very best of friends.

The moral of this story? There isn't one, just shows what can happen if you are prepared to do a little extra work to get what you want.

So what has this got to do with a web income business and what's in it for you?

Well, if David was starting out today, he would probably try to make some extra money online and you should do the same. Just a few hours a week from the comfort of your own home, you could start making money and build this up into a life changing web income business opportunity and maybe one day I will share your story.

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